Detailed Information

What does the camp consist of?

We believe that in programming competitions, the most important factor in success is experience, and the camp schedule reflects that. On most camp days, you will participate in a 5-hour training contest with your team. After the contest, you have the opportunity to listen to the contest analysis and discussion, presented by the author or one of our coaches. In addition to training your competition skills, this is a great chance to meet with other top teams and make new friends!

Where is the camp held?

The camp will be held in the Department of Mathematics, J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek.

How to get there?

Food and accommodation

Please note that food and accommodation are not included in the participation fee.

We will organise coffee breaks on venues during contests. There will also be options to eat at student eateries that are reasonably close to it:

Both places provide food at around 3€-5€ per meal. The hostels that we recommend below also offer daily meals (esp. relevant for breakfast on weekends).

For accommodation, we recommend one of the two hostels below.

Hostel Stara Pekara

Base prices for one night are:

Currently there are 10 four-bed apartments, 4 two-bed apartments, and 2 one-bed apartments.

Reservations are first come, first served and are by mail You can also eat there: Breakfast is 5€, lunch is 7€ and dinner is 8€.

If you want to go with Stara Pekara, please mention "Department of Mathematics - OCPC" when booking for a 10% discount.

Hostel Sokol Centar

The prices per night are below:

Residence tax for adults (per person) 1.33€. Those interested can contact the hostel via:

Who are the contest authors?

Meet our team of problemsetters who have prepared 7 challenging training contests:

Yuhao Du
  • IOI 2015 gold medalist
  • AtCoder World Tour Final 2019 champion
  • Author of Yuhao Du Contest 5, 7 and most problems in recent ICPC EC finals
Dilhan Salgado
  • ICPC 2022 World Finalist
  • Codeforces legendary grandmaster in Python
Anton Trygub
  • IMO 2017 gold medalist
  • NAC 22 winner
  • Contest coordinator
  • Codeforces legendary grandmaster
  • ICPC 2023 World Finalist
Jatin Garg
  • Codeforces grandmaster
  • ICPC 2021 and 2022 World Finalist
Adam Gasienica-Samak
  • Codeforces grandmaster
  • EJOI 2021 gold medalist
Kent Huang
  • ICPC 2021 World Finalist
Oleksandr Kulkov

How to register for the camp?

Please fill the form here and we will contact you. The registration deadline is 04.02.2022 for onsite participants and 10.02.2022 for online participants. The deadline for payment of the participation fees is 13.02.2022; however we can be flexible here as long as you stay in touch with us.

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