Osijek Competitive Programming Camp, Fall 2023

What is this?

This is a camp to prepare students for ICPC and similar programming competitions. The camp is aimed at the highest level of competition, i.e. teams who wish to show strong results in ICPC regionals and participate seriously in ICPC World Finals.

The camp consists of 7 ICPC-style contests, i.e. 5 hours and 9-12 problems each, and 2 days off. The contests are intended for 3-person teams.

Who can participate?

Participation is open to anyone, but the camp is primarily aimed at ICPC-eligible teams representing universities. Participants need to be registered in teams. If you are interested in participating, please fill this form.

We support and empathise with those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine, therefore we offer a 100€ discount for the affected individuals and teams affiliated with Ukrainian institutions. In other words, the fees would be 50€ and 0€ per person for onsite and online participation correspondingly.

It is also possible to reduce fees individually if you are unable to attend some of the contests.