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Contests will mostly follow classical ICPC rules, in particular:

We follow the "1pc" rule: in a team, only one person is allowed to use a computer at any given point in time.

Using the Internet during a contest is not forbidden. However, if your team is preparing for ICPC or a similar contest, it is heavily discouraged; we recommend using an ICPC-compliant Team Reference Document instead. Communicating with other people or large language models (e.g. talking to other people about the problems, asking questions on stackoverflow or similar forums, prompting ChatGPT) is forbidden.

Terms and conditions of the camp and the contest system apply.

Contest environment

Our contests will be hosted on eolymp. More detailed information about the system, such as compilation/execution lines and example solutions can be found here. Participants will receive credentials by email.

Onsite rules

Onsite teams will be given access to computers in the host university. You will be provided a VirtualBox virtual machine running Xubuntu 22.04. Within the virtual machine you have sudo permissions and you are allowed to do anything you want to it. Several common editors, IDEs and utilities have been pre-installed:

You may also use the host operating system (Windows 10) if you prefer, but we can't guarantee the availability of any particular program.

We allow onsite teams to use their own computer instead. In particular, if you rely on very specific IDEs, we encourage you to bring your own computer. Keep in mind though that the rule about using only one computer still applies.

Onsite teams will have access to a printer.

Universal Cup mirrors

Two of our contests will be mirrored as Universal Cup stages. If you are a camp participant, please do not participate in the Universal Cup stages on 18th and 25th February; or if you do, please do not participate in the corresponding contests in the camp.

If you would like your participation in the camp to contribute to your Universal Cup rating, contact us and mention your Universal Cup login name.